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Auditing enables management to ensure that their policies are being carried out and that it is having the desired effect. Financial auditing is well established to ensure the financial stability of a company in a similar way a systematic evaluation of performance in health and safety is equally beneficial. The main objectives of an audit are: to ensure that standards achieved conform closely to the objectives set out in the health and safety policy; to provide information to justify following the same plan or making changes; to provide evidence that the company has complied with the legal standards for health and safety prescribed by law.

Safety Management is effectively governed by the HSG(65) Model developed by the Health and Safety Executive in the 1990’s. There are similarities between this model and ISO 14001 the Environmental Standard. When carrying out an audit it should be possible to recognise that most of your written systems conform to this model.

  • Does your Safety and Health Management System comply with this Model?
  • Are you hoping to gain recognition of your efforts by achieving ISO: OHSAS 18001?
H&S Audits

Fees: Most Audits and Insurance Liability Surveys will be approximately £400 plus VAT for a detailed free quotation contact us now. We will only quote after a visit to your site.


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