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Liability Surveys

Loss Control for Insurers and Brokers.

Is an approach to risk management that involves the implementation of safety procedures to minimise the effects of a total or partial loss of an organisation’s physical assets or its employees on its performance.

Our Employers Liability Surveys take a Total Loss Control and therefore Risk Management approach to assessing the effectiveness of the Insured's approach to reducing their potential liabilities.

Therefore any Insurer or Broker has a clear view of the extent of the risk they are taking on before putting the proposer on cover and can quote a competitive and realistic premium for new or renewed business.

The Survey is in six sections comprising:

  • Section 1: Activities on Site, Numbers Employed, Premises, Products and Processes, Machinery, Materials Handling, Building and Process Services and Maintenance Equipment, Materials Storage Facilities and Waste.
  • Section 2: Safety Management, Accident History, Training, Safe Systems of Work, Permits to Work, Machinery Guarding, Occupational Health. Considerations, Personal Protective Equipment, Fire Safety Management, Machinery and Business Services - Inspection and Maintenance.
  • Section 3: Significant Risks and Controls.
  • Section 4: Public Liability.
  • Section 5: Risk Summary, Opinion of Risk and Management.
  • Section 6: Risk Improvements and Recommendations.



Cost Versus Risk


Liability Audits

To control costs for Insurers and Brokers there is one fixed price fee for every survey carried out in the UK whatever the location or size of the workforce. Currently for an Employers and Public Liability Survey Report produced within ten days of receiving your instructions and confirming with the Insured the date of the visit to site, will be £485 plus VAT.

If you would like to discuss this further please contact us now.


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