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Air Sampling

Air sampling.
The collection of samples of air followed by laboratory analysis to measure the presence and concentration of chemical, physical, or biological pollutants in the air.

What the Air Sampling Report will include:

  • Background to, and the purpose of the survey;
  • The process measured, the work patterns, and the hazards involved;
  • The control measures in place, and their performance;
    Photographs and diagrams;
  • What measurements were taken (long and short-term), and how;
  • How and where samples were analysed;
  • Exposure limits or exposure benchmarks, and whether these are protective of health; any industry standards of good control practice; and
  • Results, related to a plan of the process. This includes how 8-hour time-weighted average concentrations were calculated.
  • Identified exposure sources, discussion of results, compliance with standards, the adequacy of controls and an assessment of risk;
  • Identification of tasks not measured that are likely to be an exposure source;
  • Any work groups that could be exposed but were not measured; other matters of concern, and how to address them;
  • Recommendations for improvement (eg action plan for controls, training, health surveillance); or
  • Recommendations for further surveys to measure the effectiveness of the changes.
Air Sampling

Fees: Most air sampling will cost approximately £25 per sample plus Hygienist’s time for a detailed free quotation call 01386 859287 or email us. We will only quote after a visit to your site. If you have any air quality questions why not contact us now?

Further information from the HSE.
Monitoring strategies for toxic substances HSG173 (Second edition) HSE Books 2006 ISBN 0 7176 6188 1

This service covers all parts of the UK.


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