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Local Exhaust Ventilation

Local exhaust ventilation, examination and test of the operating performance.

Local exhaust ventilation is an industrial exhaust system that captures and removes contaminants emitted from local sources before dilution into ambient workplace air can occur; includes chemical fume hoods, soldering bench hoods, extractor arms, glove boxes, and biological safety hoods or cabinets.

Regulation 9 of the UK Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations requires those control measures, which are provided to be maintained in efficient working order and good repair. If local exhaust ventilation is provided then it must be examined and tested at regular intervals. This is defined as at least once every 14 months. Records of these tests and examinations have to be kept for at least 5 years.

Fees: Examination and testing of LEV to HSE standard HS(G) 258 will cost approximately £200 plus VAT, for up to 5 units for a detailed free quotation call 01386 859287 or email us. We will only quote after a visit to your site.

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This service covers all parts of the UK.

Local Exhaust Ventilation


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